Superior Insurance offers coverage built for your small business.


We’re here to ensure that your business is protected in each of the ways you need it to be. Every company is different, and we are accustomed to working with a variety of commercial industries from finance and legal, to medical and real estate. If you run a business in the arts or photography, we can guide you to the right policies as well. Treading the waters of the service industry with a restaurant, salon, spa, or food truck? Look no further – we have options!


Business Owners Policies


A business owners policy covers specific needs based on the type of business you own. We understand that no two companies are alike, and offer various plans from the most trusted Florida business insurance carriers that design coverage with that uniqueness in mind.

You can select a policy based on your business category, then customize a package to include a combination of property and liability if you prefer.

Our carriers also offer commercial auto insurance to keep you and your workers driving safely on the job.


Property Insurance

Business property coverage can help protect your company in some of the following instances:

  • documents are damaged
  • billing records are destroyed
  • an employee is stealing from the business
  • your computer system is hacked
  • your business is subject to theft
  • property is damaged
  • fire destroys your property
  • income is lost, causing your business to close
  • you are the victim of a computer virus
  • customer items are stolen
  • property damage occurs while in transit
  • loss or theft of financial or personal information
  • loss of power at the office or storage facility
Liability Insurance
  • loss or theft of customer data
  • wrongful termination lawsuit is filed
  • injury lawsuit is filed
  • recovering from a professional error
  • damages caused to employee health
  • employees using their own car